Attending secondary school as well as attaining higher education is an important financial moment in life. SVBLA is here for students before and during College. Our scholarships benefit children of members, from the secondary school level right up to the Community College, through:
• Financial support
• Internships
Scholarship awardees will either receive a merit-based scholarship in the amount of $1,200/year for Forms 1-3, $1400/year for Forms 4-5 and $1400/year for SVGCC year 1 and year 2. In addition, SVBLA offers needs-based scholarships to assist with educational expenses for the upcoming academic years, valued at $1,000/year for Forms 1 -5 and $1,000/year for SVGCC for year 1 and year 2.
SVBLA scholars also benefit from a yearly internship programme designed to offer real life, hands-on work experience which helps them to learn valuable transferable skills and helps boost their employability. We proudly boast of scholarship awardees who have gone on to become high achievers at university and in various professions. We remain steadfast to improving the lives off our members and our customers.